The European Union (EU)

We uphold

  • An active Czech participation in the development of the EU, which is crucial to our stable and secure future. We will be proud Europeans, who are aware of the successes of European integration.
  • Our quick entry into the Eurozone, which will strengthen our position within the EU.
  • The status of the Czech Republic at the forefront of EU integration.
  • Reducing the effects of Brexit on Czech export and on Czech citizens working in the UK.
  • We will confront our voters with facts and we will not tire of explaining, that there is no "they" – only "we".

We oppose

  • Leaving the EU or organising referendums over leaving the EU.
  • The Czech Republic must not find itself on the periphery of the EU.
  • We will not confront the rise of populism in Europe by turning to populism ourselves.
  • We oppose limiting the free movement of workers within the EU and any other limitations of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the EU.
  • We have not lost our faith in a united Europe and in its values, such as democracy, peace, and prosperity, and we aim to make these values understood by all.

The Czech Republic is unquestionably a part of the EU. The historical, geographical, and economical status of the Czech Republic proves that our country requires the EU for the safeguarding of the conditions for its development. This is all the more the case in an era of formerly unknown threats and uncertainties. We will oppose the irresponsible calls for discussions of “Czexit” and, mindful of our history, we will continue to stress that turning away from the West implies a turn towards the East. We will be active decision-makers within the Union, we will participate in debates about a reform of its institutions, and we will fight for our status at the forefront of EU integration.

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