The party is rooted in the Judeo-Christian European cultural heritage. It is a conservative and democratic party. It rejects all ideological forms which lead to totalitarianism and disrespect for basic rights and freedoms.

The party defends the principles of the free market, governed by clear rules, and functioning institutions which oversee that these rules are being respected.  It defends the society of equal opportunities and encourages social responsibility of citizens as well as legal entities. It rejects any form of discrimination.

The party insists on maximum responsibility towards future generations. Therefore, it strives for preservation of the cultural heritage, continuous improvement of the environment and discontinuation of the growth of the public debt.

The party aims at making the Czech Republic a respected EU Member state. In the interest of all  the citizens of the Czech Republic, it supports the process, which represents strong and uniform voice of the European Union in the global arena. It attends to the preservation of Euro-Atlantic political bonds.