dotProgramme bases and principles

We are a conservative party, rooted in the Judeo-Christian European cultural heritage. We care about the moral values which come from its spiritual legacy and traditions. We are a democratic party based on the idea of freedom and humanism, which survived even the period of totalitarianism.


dotEuropean Union

The Czech Republic is unquestionably a part of the EU. The historical, geographical, and economical status of the Czech Republic proves that our country requires the EU for the safeguarding of the conditions for its development.


dotA quick reaction against the disinformation campaigns and propaganda

The EU is facing an aggressive player, who is constantly violating the international law and basically threatens the architecture of European security. TOP 09 stands intransigent to Russia - Crimea was illegally annexed and Russia leads the war on Ukraine through pro-Russian separatists and helps to destabilise the region on purpose, which inhibit Ukraine to stabilise the state.


dotThe fight against the illegal weapons trade

There has to be competence and responsibility for own life and other lives connected with the right to hold firearms and dispose of an ammunition. After the explosion of the ammunition depot in Vrbětice and the tragic events in Uherský Brod, the Chamber of Deputies was dealing with the change of the Czech law about weapons and operating with ammunition.


dot9 TOP 09 priorities for dealing with the migration crisis

The main TOP 09 priority in dealing with the migration crisis is to find the common European solution. It is also necessary to increase the financial capacities in appropriate areas of the EU budget. Strict adherence to existing rules and laws is essential.

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