9 TOP 09 priorities for dealing with the migration crisis

The main TOP 09 priority in dealing with the migration crisis is to find the common European solution. It is also necessary to increase the financial capacities in appropriate areas of the EU budget. Strict adherence to existing rules and laws is essential.

TOP 09 key steps for dealing with the migration crisis:

  • To set tougher asylum rules in the EU and ensure their strict compliance.
  • To secure the control of external borders of the Schengen area - the rapid establishment of the EU border guards and the EU coast guards in the sufficient capacity.
  • To establish asylum centres out of Europe under the international protection.
  • To vigorously suppress the organized crime, including the fight against human and arms trafficking.
  • To help Western Balkan countries to protect them from destabilisation by the massive immigration.
  • To define a broader list of „safe countries “.
  • To add the migration issue to the operations which are carried out within the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU.
  • To strengthen the role of the Frontex agency in the return operations.
  • To improve the payment discipline of the member states as regards their contribution to the EU development and humanitarian funds for Syria and Africa.

Europe is a guarantee not only of our prosperity but also of our security. Withdrawal of the Czech Republic from the EU would not solve the migration crisis or the influx of immigrants. Withdrawal itself would lead not only to the loss of all five union common freedoms, but also to the fall into the huge geopolitical vacuum, which would move our country into the Russian sphere of influence. Equally, withdrawal from the Schengen Agreement or dissolution of the Schengen area would mean the geopolitical and economic disaster not only for us, but for the whole Europe.