European Parliament Election 2024

TOGETHER for the European elections

The parties ODS, KDU-ČSL and TOP 09 have agreed to cooperate in the European Parliament elections in June 2024 and will nominate their candidates on behalf of the SPOLU (TOGETHER) coalition. Representatives of the SPOLU coalition firmly believe in electoral success and strong representation of candidates in the European Parliament.

The SPOLU coalition's programme ten for the European elections

 1. Europe internally free

The free movement of people, goods, services, capital and information within the EU is the most precious thing the EU gives us. The prosperity of an open, pro-export Czech economy is directly linked to our free access to the EU internal market. The prosperity of Czech society is linked to the ability of our citizens to travel, study, work and do business freely across Europe. We will therefore work to remove bureaucratic obstacles and unnecessary regulations and actively prevent their unnecessary introduction.

2. An intrinsically safe Europe

Freedom and democracy can only flourish in the EU if people feel secure. If they lose that sense, political extremism risks growing and integration will gradually unravel. The EU is not yet able to protect its external borders effectively, its immigration and asylum policies are failing and threaten the functionality of the Schengen system without internal border controls. We will therefore advocate a much more rigorous protection of the EU's external borders against illegal immigration and an effective fight against smugglers and international terrorism. We call for a fundamental reform of the asylum system that takes far greater account of security factors. We reject mandatory redistribution quotas.

3. Defending Europe against external threats

In an unstable world linked to the global redistribution of power and influence, Europe faces a real military threat, especially from Russia, but also from the infiltration of radical Islamists. We are confronted with a war in our immediate vicinity. We support Ukraine in its efforts to restore its sovereignty and territorial integrity and we are ready to support it in security guarantees. We support Israel as a country close to Europe and sharing the same values. We will work to strengthen the defence capabilities of Member States and mutual cooperation in the fields of defence, defence industry, security and intelligence, but without duplication in relation to NATO, for example in the form of a European army. We have a vital interest in maintaining the coherence and functionality of the transatlantic link with the US, which is a key guarantee of Europe's ability to face the greatest security threats.

4. A competitive Europe

So far, Europe is losing out to China, the US and India in the economic sphere. This is particularly evident in the areas of new technologies, digitalisation, science, research and innovation, and also in the automotive industry, which is particularly sensitive given the exposure of this sector in our country. We need to change this. We see the solution neither in massive redistribution nor in further bans, orders, subsidies and regulations, but rather in free competition, economic incentives and the development of a private venture capital market. Where strategic-security or other vital interests require it, we are ready to take the necessary protective measures so that neither the Czech Republic nor the EU falls into dangerous dependence on risky countries (e.g. strategic raw materials, medicines, chips). We will also strengthen patent protection against plagiarists.

5. An energy independent Europe

The gradual decarbonisation and transformation of the energy sector is a huge challenge for Europe, and especially for the Czech Republic with its limited renewable energy potential. If we do it rationally, we will get better energy infrastructure interconnection, a higher share of renewables in the energy mix, more efficient energy savings, and thus strengthen our and Europe's independence. We have adopted climate protection targets, but we must carry out the energy and industrial transformation in a way that does not weaken our competitiveness or plunge a significant proportion of our citizens into poverty. We will advocate the setting of realistic milestones and, on the contrary, reject ill-considered commitments that will end up feeding China and other global competitors. The Czech Republic cannot decarbonise without nuclear power. We will therefore call for it to be put on an equal footing with other emission-free sources.

6. Green Europe for People

We see the protection and restoration of nature, landscapes and biodiversity as our duty not only to ourselves but also to future generations. We therefore subscribe to principles and policies that aim to better protect air, water, soil, forests and biodiversity in both urban and rural areas. We also support the progressive introduction of circular economy principles. However, we reject undue interference with private property, proposals to restrict people's freedom to choose what to eat, or attempts to dictate how people should live.

7. A Europe connected by transport and information infrastructure

The Czech Republic is the crossroads of Europe and cannot do without transport infrastructure connected to the main transport routes in the EU. We will therefore continue to support the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) project and its EU funding without unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles. This includes completing the motorway network, accelerating the construction of high-speed rail lines, building multimodal terminals and rolling out high-speed internet across the country.

8. Prosperous agriculture and a vibrant countryside

The main challenge for agriculture is to produce sufficient, good quality food at an affordable price. As a result of green policy, farmers have additional obligations that are not related to agricultural production but to nature conservation. We will ensure that subsidies do not go towards the production of agri-holdings, but towards compensation for activities that contribute to the diversity and resilience of the landscape. We will support animal welfare, shortening supply chains ('fork to fork') and investment in new technologies. We reject over-ambitious regulation with unrealistic targets that threaten food security and offer no alternatives for the agricultural sector. Agriculture and the countryside need 21st century infrastructure. We must therefore set flexible rules and funding for regional policy.

9. A socially and culturally diverse Europe

Social diversity and diverse, often divergent traditions (the principle of unity in diversity) are European assets that we do not want to lose. At the same time, we cherish the fact that we are united by common values, fundamental human rights and freedoms rooted in a shared Judeo-Christian civilisation, and we are ready to defend these values, freedoms and rights at home and in the world. But at the same time, in areas where cultural and social traditions differ from one Member State to another, we do not want to transfer competences unnecessarily and violently to the EU level. We want to avoid culture wars that divide and polarise society and thus weaken it. We are aware of the demographic problems that EU countries are facing, so we want to focus much more attention on supporting young people in starting families and encouraging their courage and effort in deciding to have children and start a family, in areas where the states can offer effective social and economic support. All generations in our families need more support and facilities for their stability at all stages of life.

10. Future Europe

The EU is debating its future, including possible reforms. We do not want to turn the EU into a centralised superstate, which would only reinforce centrifugal tendencies that are not in our interest. We want the EU to be a functional community, evolving and reforming according to the needs that the member states agree on. We support integration and cooperation in areas of shared interests. We will support the enlargement of the EU to include partner states that have signed up to the EU, particularly in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. However, decision-making in key areas must continue to be based on respect for the positions and capabilities of Member States. We are not interested in abolishing the right of veto in the sphere of foreign and defence policy or in the area of taxation. We do not support the extension of new own revenues or the revision of the EU Treaties. If there is a consensus that it makes sense to return some competences to the Member States, this can be done under the current treaty arrangements. We will advocate the abolition of unnecessary agencies and institutions, limit the excessive influence of lobbying organisations on EU decision-making or the abuse of some NGOs for lobbying pressure.

The SPOLU coalition is the only alternative to the Slovak scenario
12. 6. 2024

The SPOLU coalition is the only alternative to the Slovak scenario

Interview with TOP 09 Chairwoman Markéta Pekarova Adamová.

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In one respect, the elections to the European Parliament in the Czech Republic turned out as they almost always do - that is, differently than the pre-election polls had predicted.

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How to vote in the European Parliament elections 2024 in the Czech Republic

How to vote in the European Parliament elections 2024 in the Czech Republic

EU citizens residing in the Czech Republic can vote in the EP elections. Full information can be found on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

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