Humanitarian aid and medical help offers to Ukraine

3. 3. 2022
  • The most effective way, if you want to help Ukraine, is to donate to the bank account established and opened by the Embassy of Ukraine in Prague: 304452700/0300.
  • Material aid, which is not centrally organized, accumulates at borders, and could be wasted.
  • Due to a war conflict in Ukraine the aid must be coordinated and only the one requested by Ukraine has to be provided. Other kind of aid only burdens its officers.
  • Please, contact us with the quesions regarding your offers of a medical help at the following e-mail address:
  • Those doctors, who need assistance in communicating with Ukrainian patients, should call the line 1221, option 8.
  • If you have any further questions, please call the Ministry of Health at: 224 972 222.

Medical assistance is specific. Why?

It is necessary to remember that medicines must be transported under controlled conditions as this is the only way to guarantee the quality of the aid delivered. Some types of medicines (e.g. opiates) require export permit. The only way to transport medicines to Ukraine is through a proper distribution chain and in the volumes that exceed the complexity of coordinating the acceptance of such a gift in the war zone.

What will help the most?

The offers of distributors, manufacturers of medicines, medical devices, aids, medical supplies or possibly offers of large non-healthcare companies offering medical equipment, etc. will help the most. If you offer humanitarian medical assistance, which is possible to send to Ukraine and which meets the general requirements above (distribution according to the rules, large volumes provided), please send your offer to: and we will evaluate it according to the requirements of the Ukrainian side.

Which help is to be coordinated with regional governments?

It is necessary to communicate the offers of hospitals and other smaller providers of medicines, beds, staff, health care, etc. with the regional coordinators. Likewise, the offers of schools, cities and municipalities with medical supplies, accommodation, health and social services, etc. should be communicated with regional authorities.

Are you an individual donor?

If you are an individual donor or you want to help by other means, please visit the website of the Ministry of the Interior, which coordinates offers and requests for assistance for Ukraine here: or offer your help to some of the non-profit organizations that help Ukraine such as the Consortium of NGO´s working with migrants on or Česko.Digital on

We would like to ask for a proper consideration of your assistance. Let us remember that the conflict and reconstruction of Ukraine will last for at least a few months and medical assistance will be needed throughout this time. At the same time, it is very likely that the assistance you offer will be used more effectively in the Czech Republic in the care of refugees from Ukraine (typically beds, but also medicines in smaller volumes, etc.).

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