SPOLU: We introduce our electoral programme „SPOLU dáme Česko dohromady“ and candidates to the Czech parliamentary election

„Spolu dáme Česko dohromady,“ such a title is given to the electoral programme by the SPOLU coalition. Its formation has taken approximately 1800 hours and roughly 300 specialists in 10 programme teams have worked on it.

30. 4. 2021

The priorities of the coalitions cover areas such as sound public finances, low taxes, modern education, fulfilment of the accepted obligations related to NATO or the protection of the environment. The individual programme areas will be introduced in depth by the teams of experts in the field in the upcoming weeks. Furthermore, the centre-right coalition has presented its particular regional candidates.

„The programme „SPOLU dáme Česko dohromady“ demonstrates the real strength of the coalition SPOLU. Our experts in 10 programme teams in association with specialists, employers, entrepreneurs, employees and other related groups have created a document, with which everyone can identify, who inclines towards the modern, educated and competitive Czech Republic, which is a core part of the West and takes interest in the quality of the environment and supports those who cannot help themselves,“  said Petr Fiala, a key leader of the SPOLU coalition, who continued:

„We want to improve the conditions of public finances by elevating the fiscal constitution to the constitutional law. We will certainly not go the way of raising taxes, on the contrary, we will introduce a tax brake that will determine the limit above which it will be impossible to increase taxes. We want an educated society so that we will increase the education budget to 5,2 % of GDP and guarantee that teachers will receive 130 % of the average wage. Moreover, we will count on the reform of educational programs in order to be in compliance with the demands of the 21st century. By the end of the election season, we will achieve 2 % of GDP defence spending for the purpose of meeting allied commitments and being able to face modern threats. We will reestablish the strength of values, the promotion of democracy and human rights to foreign policy. That is just a fraction of what we offer. I am really proud of the whole coalition. I look forward to being able to promote the programme and SPOLU dáme Česko dohromady.“   

„The SPOLU coalition offers a competent, elaborated and realistic programme that brings hope for our decimated country. After the experience of recent years, it is quite clear that we need a government composed of capable individuals and a wide range of good solutions for the purpose of finally ceasing the current issues in our country. From the perspective of KDU-ČSL, the SPOLU programme is devoted to the important help of families, seniors and people who are in need of social services, without which they cannot make do. Improving the needed assistance for these fellow citizens is very crucial to us. However, a healthy life for every single one of us cannot happen without clean water and air or fertile soil. Protecting the landscape, caring for the environment, reducing emissions and encouraging a sustainable lifestyle for us and future generations is something our SPOLU coalition believes to be absolutely key,“ quoted by the chairman of KDU-ČSL, Marian Jurečka.

„Apart from great personalities, candidates, the best compass for citizens is to follow the programme before deciding who to vote for. 10 teams, 300 experts have worked on the programme. Together we have created a document that proves our goal to bring the country out of the marasmus in which it finds itself now. It is absolutely essential for us to protect our nature and environment. We want to rehydrate the land, effectively support family farms and small, medium and beginning farmers. We must ensure when we hand the country to the next generation, we leave it in a better condition than how we received it. We have the ability to do that with our vision of how to solve the challenges we face,“ said Markéta Pekarová Adamová, the chairwoman of TOP 09.