Let’s vote together – let’s vote for SPOLU!

ODS, KDU-ČSL and TOP 09 set up a campaign for first time voters and young people

Young voters have once in four years an opportunity to speak out about the future curse of the Czech Republic’s politics. There are over two milion of voters who are thirty-five years old and younger, however, unfortunately, most of those people don’t care about it too much. They don’t find the elections interesting enough. And that’s why young candidates of the SPOLU coalition decided to organize a campaign called „Spolu jdeme volit“ / „We vote for SPOLU together“.

4. 8. 2021

Outdoor swimming pools, clubs, cinemas, streets – those are the places where will young candidates show that it’s meaningful to vote. Parts of this campaign are: special Instagram filters, varied merchandising, microsite jdemevolit.cz, but also political program of the SPOLU coalition in the format à la „Instagram“.

The SPOLU coalition‘s document of candidates is endowed with seventy-five people who are younger than thirty-five years old. Hundreds of young enthusiastic people are active in organizations such as Mladí občanští demokraté, Mladí lidovci and TOP team.

The most important thing of the campaign called #spolujdemevolit (we vote together) is to let everybody know that there are plenty of young humans who desire to change the world. Start of the campaign „Spolu jdeme volit“ took place in Smetanovo nábřeží, in Prague.

Young candidates were personally supported by the chairman of the Senate Miloš Vystrčil (ODS), by the chairwoman of TOP 09 Markéta Pekarová Adamová and by the deputy chairman of KDU-ČSL Petr Hladík.

We communicate with young people on Instagram and in the streets

Young deputies of the SPOLU coalition will visit people at the festivals, outside seatings or at the outdoor swimming pools and they will not only discuss about politics with them, however these deputies have prepared some merchandising, too. Deputies are going to distribute colourful sunglasses and present a brand new Instagram filter. With this filter, you can express your own reason why you think it’s meaningful to elect somebody. All you have to do, is to choose your favourite color, add your message to the SPOLU coalition, add a hashtag #jdemevolit and tag the @SPOLU_jdemevolit profile.

„Young people can use this as an opportunity to show that they do care about how things work in the Czech Republic and that they find the heading of this country very important. Plus, they can inspire others. The more people come to vote, the better. Then we have a chance for a change,“ says Radovan Gaudyn, member of Mladí lidovci. Gaudyn is also a candidate of the SPOLU coalition, he candidates for the Region of Ústí nad Labem. „There will be photos, messages and roadshow videos on our Instagram profile. However you’ll find there practical information about elections, too, “ adds chairman of the TOP team Karel Pelikán.

Young people may find an inspiration in a special programm of the SPOLU coalition, where are written some messages from young people. It’s written in a brief brochure which reminds of a feed from social network. Youngsters can find all information they need on the following website: jdemevolit.cz. This network, by the way, was founded because of the campaign.

Young people interconnect regions and state

Young politicians visited czech regions during July. They met city managers of the SPOLU coalition. Politicians used the information from municipality of local governments to learn something about topics which are close to young people, for example accesible living, education, digitization of the state administration, environment or the importance of traveling. Soon you may find all the videos from czech regions on Instagram @SPOLU_jdemevolit and also on the website jdemevolit.cz.

„The goal of the roadshow is to interconnect both state and lokal politics. We wanted to show that even a young person can become a city manager. This kind of a city manager is the best ally to other young people because he knows what’s important for them and he tries to solve their problems,“ says Mikuláš Halás, coordinator of Mladá ODS and representative in Prague 2.