Markéta Pekarová Adamová

Chairwoman of TOP 09

Markéta Pekarová Adamová was born on October 2, 1984 in Litomyšl. After graduation she started to study at the Faculty of Arts at the Charles University where she finished her bachelor degree in Andragogy and Personal Management In 2008. In her bachelor thesis she was dealing with a topic 'Employability of the Disabled'. In 2009 she started to study Economy and Management in Industry at the Czech Technical University in Prague. She is a Member of the Parliament and the First Vice-Chairwoman of TOP 09.

After graduation she worked in a human resources agency and then in an educational agency. She also did some business activity in area of services as an entrepreneur.

In summer 2009, Markéta Adamová joined the political party TOP 09. In Autumn 2010 she was elected the in municipal elections to the municipal government of Prague 8. Then she was elected to city council of Prague 8 as a councillor. She took care of the social area and drug prevention. Since May 2012 her responsibility also spread to the field of European funds.

In May 2012, Markéta Adamová was elected chairwoman of the county organization for TOP 09 in Prague 8 and she defended this position in April 2013. Since September 2013, she is a member of TOP 09 Prague regional organization presidency. During parliamentary elections in October 2013, she was elected Member of the Parliament. In the Chamber of Deputies, she joined the Petition Committee and Committee for Social Policy and she is a Chairwoman of Subcommittee for Human Rights since February 2014.

In October 2017 she was re-elected as a Member of the Parliament for TOP 09 and in November of the same year she was elected the First Vice-Chairwoman on the fifth National Assembly of TOP 09.

In November 2015, she was elected Vice-Chairwoman of the party at the TOP 09 National Assembly, and two years later she became First Vice-Chairwoman. In August 2019, she announced her candidacy for party Chair and was elected to lead TOP 09 at the 6th National Assembly in November of the same year.

An important part of her life is volunteer work, and she has volunteered both internationally (helping at children's homes in Armenia and Morocco, working with disabled people in Serbia, and completing an environmental project in Scotland) and at home in the Czech Republic (co-organizing children's camps and events for children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, and helping with the care of seniors with Alzheimer's disease).