Leoš Heger

Vice-Chairman of TOP 09

Leoš Heger was born on 11th February 1948 in Hradec Králové. Graduating from the Faculty of Medicine in the same city, Mr Heger went on to work for twenty years as a doctor and teacher in the field of radiology in Hradec Králové and abroad. In 1972 he started to work at the Department of Radiology at the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Hradec Králové, in  positions of research assistant, researcher, lecturer and associate professor. Mr Heger experienced long stays abroad at radiology departments in the USA, Kuwait and Germany.

In the early nineties, he was employed in management positions at the University Hospital and Medical Faculty of Charles University in Hradec Králové and actively influenced medical management and the direction of the Czech health policy. Between 1996 and 2009 he successfully led the University Hospital in Hradec Králové before stepping down from this function in 2009. At the National Assembly of TOP 09 held in November 2009 he was elected as the Vice-Chairman of  TOP 09 and in 2013 and 2015 he was re-elected.

After the 2010 elections to the Chamber of Deputies, he became a Member of Parliament  and then Minister of Health. In 2013 he was re-elected Member of Parliament.

Leoš Heger is a chairman of the Hradec Králové rowing club and in his spare time enjoys cycling, swimming and the outdoors. He won the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové - gold medal at the Manager of the Year award in 2007 and was also awarded the Hradec Králové Primus inter pares (first among peers).

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